Wilderness First Responder Program - May 22 - 29, 2015

An 8-Day Certification Program - Registration Details Below.

This intensive Wilderness First Responder course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to evaluate medical emergencies and make decisions concerning field treatment and evacuation priorities. Wilderness First Responder is the current standard certification required by most employers for: Outdoor Education Professionals, Wilderness Instructors & Guides, people working in remote areas, and recreational adventurers who may spend extended periods of time in the back-country leading expeditions or doing personal tripping.

Wilderness First Responder prepares students to assess and manage a wide spectrum of medical problems that could occur in the isolated and extreme environments in which they might find themselves. Emphasis is on prolonged care, advanced treatment, environmental challenges, evacuations and situational “incident command”. Wilderness First Responder training uses hands-on sessions as well as engaging classroom lecture presentations with intimate group sizes, providing space for great mentor-ship opportunities with your Instructors. Realistic scenarios with theatrical blood, props and simulated wounds are utilized to prepare students for real life, back-country emergencies.

Topics & Lessons Covered

  • General concepts of wilderness medicine and the Patient Assessment System
  • CPR Level C as well as AED, and basic life support skills
  • Anatomy and major problems of the respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems
  • Musculoskeletal injury assessment and splinting
  • Spine injury assessment and management,
  • Dislocations, fractures and splinting
  • Allergies and anaphylaxis
  • Dealing with Cardiac emergencies
  • Medical emergencies such as asthma and diabetes
  • Wound and burn management
  • Environmental problems such as hypothermia, frostbite & cold injuries, sun & heat illnesses, lightning, altitude, diving, and drowning
  • Back-country medicine and toxins, bites, and stings
  • Emergency childbirth
  • Improvised litters and patient carries
  • Evacuations, decision making, and leadership
  • Elective topics such as altitude and scuba diving injuries
  • Medical legal issues
  • And much more…

The Wilderness First Responder is an incredible certification that definitely "unlocks doors" on your career path and may just save the day in an emergency situation.  Head into the wilderness with your students, clients or family with real confidence in your abilities and knowledge! Program simulations are made to feel as ‘real’ as possible, under the kind of conditions one might experience during an emergency in the back-country.  This assists people to learn about the power to act and how to rely on your training and systems to help problem solve situations that may arise.  This is the current certification required by wilderness Instructors in the Outdoor Industry.

Victim without a pulseLitter CarryCaring for a Patient Blood Pressure Check

What’s Included?

  • Certifications in Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and CPR C (adult, child, & infant)
  • Wilderness First Responder Text book, case studies workbook, notebook (with WMA lecture notes), SOAP note booklet, waterproof WMA field guide
  • Shared Accommodation, (1- 2 people per room) at Spirit Point Lodge (includes the night before the course starts - if you choose the accommodation package).
  • Catered Meals are home-cooked and made with quality ingredients daily; fresh tea, coffee, and a selection of fruit & snacks are readily available throughout the day.  The meal plan is included in all tuition packages.
  • Hands-on training and simulations with theatrical make-up and video feedback
  • Classroom, Lounge/Study Area, Instruction, & All Necessary Equipment


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