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The Spirit Point property was formerly an Ontario Junior Ranger Camp and was purchased from the MNR in 1999 by then owners Larry and Jan French. With over 30 years of experience owning and operating French's group home, the French family was well accustomed to delivering programming for youth. Their son Mike pursued a path of education and culture, but ultimately remained passionate about teaching in a wilderness environment. Larry and Mike chased a dream while Jan anchored the ship and continued the tradition of assisting children and families in need. Spirit Point, although a distinct entity, builds off the reputation and the dedication to service which has been the main stay of the French family.  After almost 20 years of blood, sweat and tears we continue to build new memories, which will carry through for generations to come.

Mike and family have recently taken over the day to day operations at Spirit Point while Larry continues to provide ongoing commitment and support to the facility and programming.

Spirit Point is focused on three distinct areas of business, providing meals, conferencing and lodging services to:

  1. First Nations groups implementing their own educational/training programs and/or participating in activities facilitated by Spirit Point staff.
  2. Groups seeking an authentic Canadian rustic wilderness experience. These include a wide variety of clubs, businesses and youth organizations who are seeking exclusive rental of the facility for private events such as weddings, reunions, retreats and  team building events.  We also partner with other outfitters who lack the infrastructure to accommodate large groups.
  3. Customized experiential outdoor education programs for elementary, high school and college students focusing on adventure, team building and leadership. We faciliate both day and overnight programs for students.


We would like to share this with you!

Picture of the plaque that contains the poem "Spirit Point" written by Jan French

Spirit Point
Written by Jan French

Dedicated to Larry and Mike French
December 2007

Born of Native roots, with a wilderness soul,
They had both searched for something, that would make them feel whole.
They said their need was to live in the forest, with a lake for canoes,
Far from the civilized world, with vacant land they could use.

The father, born in the city, still hankered for more.
The son, well schooled and travelled, remained red neck to the core.
Then one day, out of the blue, their search was completed.
The MNR deemed the use of their Junior Ranger Camp “deleted”.

The old buildings were dusty, the brown siding well faded.
They both saw it as a gem, whilst I was jaded.
With no money we bought it and the hard work began,
But it was never too much for the son or the man.

Their commitment was contagious and I too joined their plight,
Working many long days and often into the night.
Always hoping and praying that someone would see,
We needed financial assistance to make Spirit Point “be”.
We sold much that we owned and mortgaged the rest,
While continuing to work, the thing we had come to know best.
Never compromising, wavering, or giving into the pain,
That plagued us mentally and physically, time and time again.

The trees they felled themselves and the big red tower was erected,
Which of course, was a much bigger chore than they’d expected.
When over 25,000 feet of log siding was milled, the nailing began
Proving once more, that nothing seemed too much, for the son and the man.

The inside and outside, all completed with their own hands,
Following a vision, that did not come, with any blue prints or plans.
The changes, the hiccups, the things that went wrong,
Quite honestly, I find it all worthy, of poem or song.

The scary times we’ll remember, the “wolves at the door”.
I could go on and on, cause there’s really much more.
Ten years in the making and their dream is finally complete,
For two men and the occasional helper, it was quite a feat.

Now as we open the doors to share “A Family Dream”,
Hopefully, you can feel a little of what transpired, behind the scene.
We welcome you all, sincerely hoping, that you enjoy your stay.
And as for us, we wouldn’t want it “any other way”


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