Indigenous Awareness Training

Spirit Point has reawakened its Native roots as a host and provider of traditional Indigenous programming. The facility and sacred land surrounding it has been blessed by several First Nation elders who hold the place as a spiritual vessel to help educate and heal all Indigenous cultures.

Spirit Point wishes to deepen its partnerships within First Nation communities by aligning with providers of experiential and learning programs focused on Indigenous culture. These partnerships include schools, youth organizations and corporations. Spirit Point promotes these partnerships with the goal of increasing the growth of Indigenous awareness.

Spirit Point has had the honour of hosting a variety of Aboriginal programs such as:

Picture of a Tipi at Spirit Pont

  • Teacher professional development workshops
  • Niigan Mosewak (OPP youth camp)
  • Native Child and Youth (youth at risk camp)
  • Hamilton Aboriginal Health Center (Diabetes and HIV awareness)
  • Indian Friendship Center (cultural and family camps)
  • Walking the Path
  • Traditional Sweat Lodge ceremonies
  • Berry Fasts
  • Women’s retreats
  • Drum circles
  • Birch bark canoe making programs.

Please contact us for available program opportunities.

 Wenjinishkayun Educators – Larry McLeod (

Wenjinishkayun Educators is a non-profit corporation organized for the advancement of education, indigenous culture and language. Some of the interactive experiences and teachings include:

  • Indigenous Historical Perspectives
  • Indigenous Customary Practices (Talking Circle, Sweat Lodge)
  • Language Revival/preservation
  • Indigenous Arts

Redtail Hawk Training and Consulting – George Couchie (

Redtail Hawk Training and Consulting offers award winning cultural awareness programs, retreats and workshops for adults and youth and are open to requests for specially designed programs tailored to suit your particular needs.

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