Off the Grid Initiative

Spirit Point exists entirely off the grid, yet boasts all the comforts and conveniences of urban dwelling. A true testament to modern technology and ingenuity.

Off the grid, simply put, means there is no connection or reliance to the main suppliers of hydroelectricity. Every bit of electricity consumed at Spirit Point is 100% produced on location through the use of solar, wind and a diesel generator back up.

A picture of the generators at Spirit Point Picture of the controls for the power generation at Spirit Point Picture of batteries used at Spirit Point to store generated power

This initiative was born out of necessity but has been leveraged into a lifestyle that serves as an educational tool and ultimately reflects our stewardship of the environment. Living off the grid is a lifestyle choice and may not be a fulltime commitment for everyone. However, Spirit Point stands as an example of severing ties to the major electricity providers yet producing an abundance of power to sustain a large facility and all its guests. The initial investment is enough to deter certain individuals, but the cost effectiveness in the long run is advantageous. There is plenty of ongoing research being done around sustainable practices for producing forms of electricity.

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